Oh God! I’m Hooked!

Last Updated on: 14th March 2014, 04:31 pm

So it seems I have a new favourite website. I’ve been wasting entirely too much time over the last few days at www.funtrivia.com. This is not good. I can’t recall where I saw this but I believe it was over at Karine’s blog where she mentioned it so I thought I’d go check it out and holey hell, I’m hooked.

I think I started ranked at like 400,000th or something like that and I’m already up to 230,000th. Sure I’m still along way back but I’ve made some serious hay already.

So if it was in fact Karine that I got it from, I don’t know if I should thank her or be mad at her cuz I can’t stay away from this site. It’s just trivia on everything. Music, sports, movies, people, history, art… whatever you want. I’ve just been setting it to random and seeing where it takes me and I’ve discovered I know nothing about the TV show Happy Days. I got 1 – 10 on that quiz and they were all guesses. Anyway. go check it out. I’m sure I’ll throw it up on the links board when I get a few minutes.

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