Who Wants A Violent Beating

Last Updated on: 7th April 2020, 02:45 pm

I’m happy to see the Regis Philbin version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire make a comeback. There’s nothing wrong with Meredith Vieira, but for my money you can’t beat the original.

They’re changing it a bit from the way things used to be, which sounds good and bad.

On the not so good end I’m not sure I like the idea of replacing ask the audience with ask the celebrity expert. Having seen more than enough episodes of Celebrity Jeopardy in my day this can be nothing but a failure and I expect a few people to lose a lot of money because of it.

Replacing the 50-50 with the double dip I do like, since there’s no way that damn 50-50 was random. They can say it is all they want, but I’m not buying it. How random can it be when 95% of the time when you happen to mention that you’re stuck on 2 answers and then use it, those 2 answers are the ones left? As random as the producers want it to be, that’s how random.

Speaking of getting stuck, I’m happy beyond words that they’re introducing a clock. Contestants have 15 seconds for the easy stuff, and up to 45 seconds as things get harder. It’s about time, thank fucking Christ. Watching these idiots sit there and talk for 3 minutes about the $200 question was excruciating, and that’s after they were edited down. the thing that inspired me to post about this in the first place was a story about a woman who took 52 minutes to come up with an answer…and then got it wrong! I’m sooooo glad I wasn’t in that audience, because there likely would have been a murder. Why they didn’t institute a clock rule right after that happened I don’t know, but I sure as hell would have were it within my power to do so because that’s just ridiculous. Meredith may already have a clock, but I haven’t watched her in a long time so I’m not sure. But to whoever decided to time these imbeciles, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not sure if I’ll be home from the ball game in time to catch the first episode tomorrow, but I’m going to try and watch as many of them as I can.

And on the subject of the ball game, watching the Jays blow a 3-0 lead and end up losing in front of the 92 and 93 teams was just sad. Please guys, don’t do that today, and for Christ’s sake don’t do it on Sunday. I’d hate to have my free Tom Henke bobblehead doll be the best part of the afternoon, no disrespect to the doll intended.

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