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Last Updated on: 17th April 2014, 11:17 am

Osama bin Laden Haircut Results in Lawsuit

HONG KONG, China – A woman hoping for Julia Roberts hair entered
a salon in Hong Kong and came out looking like Osama bin Laden.
At least that is what she claimed. In an attempt to sue the salon
for compensation, Chu Ieu said in court that not only did she not
end up with hair like Roberts, but “It was like a broom. It was
horrible. I looked like Osama bin Laden.” Adjudicator Yuen
Chun-kau dismissed the case. He told the woman, “You’ve only
shown the court that the hairstyle did not look good.”

Exasperated, Ieu claimed the judge’s indifference was because he
was bald. She refused to leave the courtroom and had to be taken
away by ambulance after an hour-long standoff.

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