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This was submitted by our good friend Bobblehead who has a tendency to show up, post a bunch of comments on a bunch of different things and then disappear again. She had some thoughts knocking around in her head and decided to write them down and give them to me to post, so that’s what I’m doing.

If any of you have something to say, you can feel free to write me at and I’ll see to it that your thoughts find their way up here. But don’t forget, I don’t edit anything, and if your writing is bad, I can and probably will make fun of you.

And now, here’s Bobblehead.


All right, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. But I can say something with almost absolute certainty. You probably are, or you probably know someone who is stubborn about something. Stubbornness, you know, the ability to refuse to do something, not to be confused with procrastination.

So where did it all start? Is it a human trait, or is it in animals too? I’d have to say, from my point of view, that it comes from both. I mean, ever tried to walk a dog? Dogs, dogs are stubborn. They’ll pull you, they’ll take you where they wanna go, and they’ll be persistent about it. They willingly defy you, that’s stubbornness, for you.

Then you can find it in people. You know, when you decide that you should try and dictate how a person should run their life, and they know that you’re right, but again, for whatever reason, they willingly defy you. Now that’s where you find it in people. I mean, when someone’s sick and they should see a doctor or something like that, and it’s been going on forever and ever, and you tell this person, and he/she refuses, that’s bad. They’re being incredibly stubborn. Yes, two sentences ago, I did use the word “and” too much, so sue me.

But then there’s the whole idea of trying to get someone to you know, admit to their stubbornness. They’ll be like, “I’m not being stubborn, I’m just …” Then they won’t have anything else to say in their defence. They can’t admit it, and they can’t rationalize it to anything more than just perhaps a certain mood or something like it.

Now I’m a stubborn person. I will be very stubborn, with just about anyone or anything. But I was able to write this … whatever it is, with only nine fingers. That’s how bloody stubborn I am. I’m not even supposed to be typing you see, but I wrote this anyway. I decided a few weeks ago, that I would kick a door, a big metal steel door, before actually opening it to go outside. Well, shit, that didn’t work out so well. The door slammed on my finger, and I basically cut the tip of the finger off. I was in stitches, no I wasn’t laughing, for two weeks. Novacane, and pain were the key players for that two weeks. And now, … almost a month later, I’m still only with nine fingers, and I’m not supposed to be typing because it is really annoying to have to move one’s finger over every time one wishes to type you know an A, Q, Z, or even a 1. So you see, I have no idea how this relates to my original theme, but it was suggested I add why I have only nine fingers, so I chose not to be stubborn, and explained it.

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