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Last Updated on: 24th October 2013, 10:35 am

Well I finally made it back online and what better way is there to celebrate this monumental accomplishment than with a few funny search terms? What’s that I hear from little Timmy in the back? Have a beer? Ok, don’t mind if I do. And while I enjoy this nice frosty beverage, you can enjoy these few gems I managed to grab before they scrolled away into history for all time. As usual, some of you people are really really messed up individuals who should probably look into some quality couch time.

22 Aug, Sun, 21:54:01
“batman’s penis”

I’m honestly amazed at how many different ways you people have found to not find what you’re looking for while still providing this site with a way to milk even more hours of entertainment out of one of it’s oldest inside jokes.

25 Aug, Wed, 16:53:56
women who vomit and shit

Somebody has to ask so it might as well be me. Wouldn’t that be all of them? Why not just go outside, look around for women and start asking questions?

22 Aug, Sun, 18:10:52
MSN Search:
black nude fat bitchs

I’m guessing this guy got here because of one of Matt’s posts considering that bitches is spelled incorrectly.

And we’ll end the festivities with this beauty, my hands down favourite of the lot. Seriously, it’s no contest.

21 Aug, Sat, 23:46:57
yahoo sucks fucking dick its so fucking gay pictures

If you can’t understand just how funny that is, read it again and pay special attention to the very end. Or maybe it’s one of those things that’s funnier to me than the rest of you because I know exactly how many searches contain the word “pictures.” But seriously, it looks like the person doing this search got really pissed off at Yahoo search and wanted to make a statement in his own small way but forgot to delete part of his previous search for pictures of Randy Orton’s penis.

And that’ll do it for this go round, but I’ll be back later with something else soon since I’ve got internet access again. I promise that I won’t subject you all to a blow by blow recap of my moving and settling experience because honestly I don’t think you care, nor do I think so much of myself that I feel it would be even remotely interesting.

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