I Should Have Known

Last Updated on: 24th October 2013, 08:24 am

I should have known something like this was going to happen sooner or later.
This Story
from CBC news says that the Canadian recording industry is about to start filing suits against it’s customers like the RIAA has been doing for months in the United States. To hear industry head Brian Robertson tell the story, the Canadian record industry has seen a drop in sales of about 23 percent since 1999, or to put it in monitary terms, that’s about 450 million dollars over that time period.

To the music industry I say the following. I’m sorry. Yes, I’m truly sorry that you’ve fallen on hard times. I’m sorry that sales are down. I’m sorry that I don’t run out to my local record store or online retailer and buy every new CD that comes out on it’s day of release whether I want it or not. I’m sorry that I don’t buy as many CD’s as I did before, even if it’s because I have less money to spend. I’m sorry that when I do buy CD’s, I buy most of them used because it’s cheaper that way and because you bastards don’t see a dime of my money. I’m truly sorry and realize that it’s entirely my fault for wanting to save money. I should be more willing to let you and the companies you represent unfairly gouge me on music prices. I’m sorry for not being interested in a large majority of your shitty product opting instead to buy some of my music either direct from artists or from labels that aren’t members of the big industry. I realize that times are hard for you and I should make an effort to become a bigger fan of crappy pop music. But most of all, I’m sorry that most music fans feel exactly the same way and that as long as you treat us like shit, we’ll continue to respond in kind.

So go ahead and file those suits, I’m sure sales will start looking up because people like to be bullied and threatened into complying with the wishes of large corporations. Good luck with this campaign, you’re gonna need it.

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