God, the All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Powerful Bitch

Last Updated on: 11th January 2016, 10:13 am

Sorry for being gone for so long, I really don’t have much of an excuse. For the first part of the week, I just had no inspiration. Then my computer died. Oh it’s very dead and in the shop…I’m so happy I have my old computer still being pretty functional.

Anyway, I got thinking about this the other day, and all the “god loves you” ads just fueled it. I don’t get the two main principles of religion. It just seems that if they were cars and you put them on the road and called it logic, they’d be headed for a head-on collision. But hey, I guess religion is full of those. I shouldn’t be surprised. But here’s my problem.

Principle a. God is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful. Don’t fuck with God. Notice that a good man is a god-fearing man? Why does he have to be god-fearing?
Principle b. Pray to god and ask him for things and he’ll give them to you. Hand all your worries over to god and let him handle it.

Now, if you were an all-knowing all -powerful being, would you put up with 6 billion children going “I want I want I want gimme gimme gimme waa waa waa” all day? No Sirree Bob! You’d be telling them off, ignoring them, and just plain getting pissed off. Until you can prove to me there is a perfect being, there’s no such thing. Hell if ya read the bible, sure God got mad and said, “fuck mercy, kill ’em all.” I don’t care what you say, that means he has flaws, faults, and the only reason people don’t want to admit that is they would prefer, for the sake of their blind faith, to make up more excuses, and set more cars on a head-on collision course on Logic way.

Also, if he’s all-powerful and you don’t want to fuck with him, why does everyone seem to think he’s their personal bitch? They’re always telling him to bless people, praying to him to save people, asking him for help. I dunno, that sounds more like an errand boy to me than a god. No one would go to a king or the Prime Minister or the President and ask him for guidance in every little thing. Hell, you can’t get near the President, and he’s not even all-powerful! I won’t speak to whether you can get tnear the Prime Minister, because people seem to be able to scale fenses and get into his bedroom and need to be fended off with eskimo carvings, so it seems you can get to him. But if you told your buddies, “Hey, I’m going to go see the Prime Minister and askhim for help on what to do about my marital problems,”your friends would probably think you were out of your mind and call the funny farm. So why is someone who’s supposed to have umpteen million times the power of any human holder of power going to give our trivial problems any time? Hell in the words of religion he’s making the rains come and turning the earth! Does he have time for us? Doubt it. It just makes no sense. Anyone else following this logic? Man, if there is a god, I’m so totally going to hell. Oh well, if he really wanted me to know he was there, he’d do something to prove it. “Oh no, God’s not like that. If you don’t ask him for help, he just goes away.” Wait a minute wait a minute. What about all those people he got pissed at for doubting him? And why did he show himself so often in the old days? I’m sure people didn’t just believe him straight off. Oo, look over on logic way. I see something. Two sets of headlights. *smash!* Oo that was a deadly head-on collision. Wonder if there were any survivers?

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