What’s Up with That?

Last Updated on: 3rd December 2013, 03:24 pm

I’ve noticed lately when I hear commercials for dog and cat food, they talk about the taste. How it tastes better than ever, how it’s the best food ever taste-wise. My question is, how do they know? It’s not like you can ask fido or spot which food he likes better and get a definitive answer. And, if they’re not asking fido or spot, are humans eating it and being the judge? If so, I hope they’re well-paid. that’s absolutely disgusting. The only other explanation, and the most likely one, is that it’s a load of bullshit. Who the hell knows if it tastes better? Unless they tell me how they know, they’re stringing me a line.

I remember the old days when commercials for pet food made sense. They talked about how much protein was in them, how they were recommended by vets, etc. That could still be bullshit, but it’s believable bullshit. This shit about taste? Whatever.

It must be because the pet-owning population has gone sappy. They want to be assured that what they feed spot tastes good to him. Face it, pet taste buds are different than yours. Just accept that their food likely tastes like ass, and don’t be so gullible!

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