Live From Arkansas, It’s…An Idiot Going To Jail!

Last Updated on: 8th November 2013, 03:12 pm

Attempting to rob somebody isn’t a great idea at the best of times, but when the person you’re attempting to rob happens to be a television host who is live on the air, it’s even worse.

Believe it or not, that’s
exactly what happened
in the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas last week.

At first, Gary Spirito thought that it had to be some sort of a prank, but it wasn’t long before the cable access auction show host changed his mind.

“There’s a guy robbing us, somebody call the police, he came in with a gun. Somebody call police, there’s a guy in here trying to rob us,” said Spirito after a man entered the studio and demanded that he hand over his car keys.

Spirito then described what happened next:

“I looked up at him and said, ‘We’re doing a live show here and there’s probably hundreds of people out there right now calling the police to come
down on this building, just so you know,'” he told the man as cameras continued to capture the scene.

The suspect eventually left the studio empty-handed, but not before several of the show’s viewers called police, most likely with pretty good descriptions of him. Not surprisingly, police caught up with the man and an accomplice soon afterwards.

They say that the 2 are also the prime suspects in another robbery that took place about an hour before the incident at the television station, and that the 2 men will each be charged with aggravated robbery and will both be facing probation violations.

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