It’s a Fridge? A TV? A Computer? What is it?

Last Updated on: 10th March 2014, 11:50 am

Why is it that we need to combine everything we use into one piece of equipment? We have cell phones with cameras on them that also play mp3’s and can listen to the radio and those weird watches with TV’s on them, and now it’s getting worse. Are we really that lazy that we can’t walk between two appliances to get things done? I mean I can see something that plays CD’s and DVD’s. That combo makes sense. A clock-radio is a good idea because you might use the radio to wake you up. Makes sense. I can even understand, although it’s inefficient as hell, building messaging into a cell phone. It’s still communication, even though I think it would be faster and simpler to just call the dude. But I just heard about the most ridiculous combo. Someone won a fridge with a TV screen on the door. Ok, who sits and stares at their fridge door all the time? And the sad part is they’re afraid to tinker with the TV part because they don’t want to break the fridge. Why can’t a fridge be just a fridge? You open it, you get the milk out, you close it, end of story.

Some other geniuses decided that building a computer into a fridge door would be a great plan. That way, you can order your groceries online right there at the fridge door and have them delivered. Ok, why is the fridge talking to the internet? Is it going to need a firewall and antivirus protection now? It’s a fridge! Why couldn’t you just write the list down and, ya know, go to the store? Leave your house once in a while? And we wonder why people are getting fatter.

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