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Last Updated on: 26th June 2013, 04:50 pm

I was talking on the phone the other day, when outside my window, I heard a car alarm, ya know, one of those ones that beeps the horn of the car? But the funny part was the horn was the furthest thing from threatening. It sounded like the horns on those little cars that would probably crumple in like a pop can in an accident. My thought was, why bother even putting a car alarm on those cars? If you’re stuck driving one of those, you probably wouldn’t cry too hard if it was stolen. It sounded so stupid. It was like the car was pleading not to be stolen, or sort of clearing its throat and saying, “Ahem, over here, someone’s trying to steal me. Someone help. Please? Maybe?” At that point, why even bother. What would be funny would be if one of those cars actually had a menacing horn like on a transport.

Hearing that pathetic little car alarm made me think about something else. I’ve ridden a few buses where the driver has had to honk at someone for some reason. And in every case, the horn was so high-pitched. Loud, but squeaky. It just doesn’t sound right coming out of a huge bus. It would be like a 6-foot dude talking with a baby voice.

And then there are those little wee cell phones that have the big sound coming out of them when they play their fancy ringtones. I heard one that sounded like it should come out of something huge. But the cell phone was in someone’s pocket. Some cell phones even sound like an old rotary phone. I have one question. Why? Why can’t things just be as they seem? And why do little wimp cars need car alarms?

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