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Last Updated on: 21st November 2013, 02:15 pm

Well, I was reading something in the paper today that makes me feel a lot better. I was starting to think a while back that I must have been a really stupid kid, because I didn’t get all the meanings of stuff that was in songs and stories for kids. I’d just remember the funny noises or the way the narrator sounded when they read something. Then I’d come across it later and go, “Woe, if that was intended for kids to find easy to understand, and I didn’t get it, then I must be really dumb.”

Now I’ve read that a study actually found out that when you’re reading to kids, they’re spending more time looking at the pictures than the text. Phew! Then I’m not stupid. This is normal!

But here’s where I get annoyed with either the people who did the study or the person interpreting it. They make a big production, almost to the point of saying “Ha ha you’re wrong!” out of the fact that reading to your kids isn’t as good as you might think because they’re not actually learning to read. Ok, did anyone actually think that 3-year-old Jimmy was learning to read when you sat down with him? No! He’s learning to enjoy reading! If people actually take this study seriously, they’re going to stop reading to their kids because they think it’s not helping them to read. And then what good did this study do?

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