Steve Needs Your Help

Last Updated on: 9th July 2013, 04:26 pm

Do you like music? Are you literate? Are you creative? Can you write things once a week that don’t completely suck? Well neither can I, but I need your help. I need 6 people who are seriously interested to send me an email at

When you send me an email letting me know that you’re interested, I’ll write you back, give you the scoop on what all this is, what exactly I’d need from you and what you have to do to be part of something that could one day be quite a big thing. Remember, only write me about this if you’re serious and can write something once a week by a specific day on the subject of music. I don’t even care what kind of music it is. If you can speak indepth on the underground single string guitar and trombone scene, that’s fine. All I need are interested parties to help me out here. Thanks guys, it’s much appreciated.

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