Judge Not, Lest Yee Be Judged

Last Updated on: 12th November 2013, 10:32 am

Ok, this just makes no sense, and makes me mad in the process.

Pastor urges stock dumping over firms’ support of gay rights

Ok, for once, Microsoft does something right. Along with a few other companies, it wants to add sexual orientation to a civil rights bill that prevents descrimination based on gender, age, disability,
religion, marital status and other factors. Now here comes the infuriating part. A pastor in Microsoft’s own neighbourhood, Ken Hutcherson, doesn’t like this. Does this strike you as strange? religious discrimination is one of the things the bill fights to outlaw. Why would someone benefitting from this bill fight to keep another group from having the same protections? The worst part is if any other group receiving protection from this bill protested, it would suck and would look pretty low. But it looks especially bad when the one screaming is a representative of an entity who spends a lot of time telling people to accept others no matter what. How about leading by example? Oh wait, that’s something most religious leaders don’t do.

And it gets better. He is actually encouraging people who agree with him to buy Microsoft stocks and then all sell them on the 1st of May, driving prices down, or so he thinks. Ok, let’s forget for a second that he will have absolutely 0 effect on Microsoft. Let’s just focus on the fact that he is intending and planning to do harm to someone. Does that sound very fitting with “Love Thy neighbour” and “turn the other cheek” to you? If he doesn’t agree with Microsoft’s position on gay rights, he can go ahead and rail against it at church if he wants. Hell, he and like-minded people can boycott Microsoft if they feel so strongly about this. In fact, he encouraged boycotting them at first, but now he’s saying that would be stupid. May I ask why? Is it more likely that you can’t part with your Windows and Office and everything else microsoft on that church computer? So instead of encouraging people to make a choice based on principles, something everybody is free to do, he’s decided to encourage them to try to hurt the company by driving prices down, which is borderline criminal. I hope that next week, someone comes and vandalizes his church. What’s wrong, Rev. Hutcherson, you don’t think it’s right? Well shut up, because you just did the exact same thing. Maybe the lord works in mysterious ways.

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