Who Put the Car in Career Fair?

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 02:21 pm

Does this annoy you as much as it annoys me? I’m a university graduate. I’m looking for a job. I get an email and it says, “Guelph career fair.” I get excited! Woo! I can go and look at things. Then I read a little further down, and the damn thing is in Waterloo!

That’s about a half-hour’s drive, if you’re lucky, and there are only a few buses a day that would get you to Waterloo, and then I don’t know how you’d get to this stupid park where the thing is held. What? Are we all supposed to be able to drive? If I’m looking for a *job*, how would I afford a car, even if I could use one? And if it’s a Guelph career fair, why do all the employers have to go all the way to Waterloo? Are they trying to tell us something? Is there no work in Guelph? And, when did Guelph become part of Waterloo? How did I miss that? I must have been sleeping or something. Why can’t a *Guelph* career fair be held, um, in *Guelph*?

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