Yea Suckadoo Game!

Last Updated on: 12th February 2022, 06:19 pm

Wow. I’m a loser. I’m sitting here, my ears are full of some cold-related goop and I feel like some invisible man is plugging them, and what am I doing? I’m playing a new game that I just found out about. It’s Sudoku, or as one funny man called it once, suckadoo, for blinks. Technically this game is called the Ultimate SounDoku but let’s face it kids, it’s Sudoku!

Now, has anyone else played Sudoku and wanted to just scream? Just when I think I’m getting the hang of it, it completely fukcs me over. Apparently, you’re supposed to memorize an 81-square grid and while you’re filling in the gaps, remember the whole rest of the picture so you don’t have to wipe a bunch clean and start over! Yeesh! I always wondered what was so fascinating about sudoku. Now I half wish I’d never asked. This is worse than that time I challenged Destination Mars! God damn you Sudoku, I! Will! Win!

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