Would Idd Be Bozzible Do Gedd Zub Zoob?

Last Updated on: 27th February 2014, 10:43 am

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m trying to say, or whether that was English or not, that was me trying to spell what “would it be possible to get some soup?” sounded like with my cold-ridden voice on the phone to Swiss Chalet when I called them in despearation asking if I could get their soup delivered. This was when, miracle of miracles, I found out, yee ha, they deliver soup! That soup rocks! It made me be able to go out and do what I had to do, which seemed impossible before the powers of soup set to work.

Man it made me laugh when the girl on the phone said, “Would you like some orange juice too?” I mean, my clogged nose and crackling voice on the verge of hacking up a lung would be hard to miss, but still!

So to everyone who finds themselves with a cold, no chicken soup in the cupboard, and something to do, Swiss Chalet soup will save you!

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