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I know this is a pointless post, but what I’m about to describe disgusted me so much that I had to write about it.

I went to this Vietnamese restaurant. It’s a cute little place and they even serve you tea before you order, so I’m a pretty big fan of theirs. I wasn’t feeling that well that day, so I thought, I’ll order this chicken dish that’s on their menu. It has chicken, noodles, and some veggies. What a perfect dish for someone with a stupid cold. And bring on the tea!

So, after waiting a while, and drinking more tea, the food finally came. I was merrily chowing down, enjoying it quite a bit, when I speared into something that almost put the brakes on my appetite. My fork hit it and I thought, that’s the strangest piece of chicken I’ve ever seen. That should have been the warning. I put it in my mouth and started to chew. It was then that I noticed that it was not like chicken at all. It tasted more like rubber that had been dipped in eggs. To my horror, I could finally name this oddly-textured piece of garbage. That name, my friends, is tofu!

Now why in the good Christ would they need to put tofu in this dish? It had chicken in it for crying out loud! I can half understand why they put tofu in vegetarian dishes, although I’d never eat one with those hunks of chewy tasteless crap in them if I knew it would greet me. But I can understand its presence. It’s giving them protein since they refuse to eat anything with a face. And, they must have a different idea of what tastes good because they’re willing to eat things like Texturized Vegetable Protein, *gag*, and vegan cheese! *puke* aaaa! There goes my breakfast! But I asked for meat, I don’t need or want this in my meal.

So Here’s my question to people who have eaten at different Vietnamese restaurants. Are they all big tofu fans and it’s some kind of signature ingredient in Vietnamese food? Or is this one of the hazards of living in this town full of vegan and veg freaks? Maybe this traumatizing experience is all my fault. After all, I chose to live here.

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