Hey Little Girl, Is Your Daddy Home? I Suppose That He Is, Since I’m Feeling His Bone.

Dear Corey Huddleston:

While getting friendly with the family of the object of your affection is generally a good idea, this is not what most families have in mind. I doubt it’s going to do much to get them to overlook the small matter of the 38 year age difference, either.

Huddleston allegedly went to the home of Bret and Elizabeth Cutrell early Tuesday morning.
A guest was at the house when someone knocked on the door. When they opened it, a man believed to be Huddleston pushed his way in to the residence, according to a police report.
Mrs. Cutrell says the man asked if they had any cigarettes or beer before he began asking about her daughter, who is 14 years old.
At one point, the suspect allegedly exposed his genitals, touched himself, and even tried to make his way into the teenage girl’s bedroom.
That’s when they told him to leave, but after the suspect went outside, he went around to a bedroom window and climbed inside.
The Cutrells think he was trying to get to the girl’s bedroom, but instead found her father.
When Bret Cutrell woke up, he felt a hand down his pants.
Cutrell told News 2 he thought it might have been his wife, but when he opened his eyes, he spotted Huddleston.
“It was quite a wake up call,” said Cutrell. “It both disgusted me and infuriated me at the same time.”
He scared the man away and went to check on his family.

Why Huddleston was so intent on seeing the girl and how he knew her weren’t noted, but you just know both answers are gonna be creepy and gross.

Counts of aggravated burglary and sexual battery have since been added to his record, which already featured more than 100 previous offenses. Bond was set at $50000.

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