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Last Updated on: 7th April 2014, 11:01 am

Ok now I think I’ll officially freak out Jonathan Coulton for stealing lyrics for this post’s title from one of his recent…things a week? Thing a weeks? what is it? Anyway, his songs he puts out and now gets paid for by some people, woohoo!

But the point is right now, I feel simultaneously like a code monkey and an inventor, although if I met a real inventor, s/he’d probably think this little creation was child’s play and tell me I’m only a code monkey. I, Carin the short but giant geek, after being inspired by Steve the giant visionary, have managed to turn our names where it says posted by into snappy links that will let you send the author of that post an email if you don’t want to put your two cents on the comment boards. I know we’re probably inviting spam and hate mail, but it could be fun!

It was weird going through the process of making it work. First you wonder if it’s even possible. After you’ve worked on it for a while and have swayed from thinking it’s impossible to thinking it’s totally possible, you hit a breakthrough! You go from realizing you’ve almost got it, to having what you’ve just done fail miserably, and then you finally have everything work flawlessly! Victory is sweet! Oh god I’m such a baby code monkey. Oo oo, ee ee, ah ah!

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