Paralympic Swimmer Crosses Lake Ontario

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 05:09 pm

You can call me a sap or just straight biased towards Paralympic sport – but this immediately improves my previously shitty day.

This was just sent out by Paralympics Ontario

“Jenna Lambert, a 15 year old, with cerebral palsy, was successful in completing her marathon swim across Lake Ontario. Jenna’s crossing took place on July 18th and 19th. The 32 kilometre swim took her 33+ hours to complete. Jenna, who has no use of her legs, swam the entire course using only her upper body (arms). This marks the first time a woman, with a disability, has tried and successfully completed such an event. The swim, titled the Kid 4 Kids Marathon, is a profile event within our capital campaign to build a new pool at our YMCA. We anticipate that Jenna’s swim will raise over $100,000. Jenna (and the YMCA) is receiving national attention from this swim. She was featured last night on the “National”, this morning on Canada AM, as well as a variety of regional Canadian and U.S. based stations.

Jenna is a member of our Y Penguins swim team…a swimming team for children with physical disabilities. The program is coached by Vicki Keith, world-renown marathon swimmer. The team currently has 31 members, all with some form of physical disability.

If you get a chance, please take the time to go to and leave a congrulatory note in Jenna’s Guestbook.”

In all likelihood she’ll never ever read this page – but congratulations from us, too! Unbelievable!


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