Stream of Negativity

Last Updated on: 16th October 2014, 07:59 am

Here we go kids.

So I just finished lunch at Subway – which normally I love. My bread was stail and the meat smelled funny. This leaves me unhappy.

I’m doing company billing today. The program we uses only allows one person in the office to access the Billing section at once to prevent someone from altering a bill at the same time you do cuz otherwise things get fucked up and you over/under charge. I was in it all morning when someone said they needed in for 5 minutes. I said that was fine because I was going for lunch and now that I’ve returned from my (shit) lunch I find out this person has just left for her lunch and not closed the program on her computer meaning I can’t get back in and she’s not expected back for an hour. I got deadlines and people wanting to know what they owe!

Eric Hinske of the Jays is a douchebag. Last night while he was at third base he got thrown out in a suicide squeeze where the batter bunts it and runs to first, the pitchers throws it to first because he can get the batter out for sure and if he throws home the guy at third just won’t go and the batter gets to first safely. Well the pitchers gets the ball and HInske decides to not wait and runs home and the pitchers throws him out at homeplate costing us a run. Then in the bottom of the 9th with a man on he hits in to a double play, virtually killing the rally and costing us a chance to tie.

Shea Hillenbrand of the Jays is also a king sized fuck tard. He left the team (with permission) on Friday to go be with hims family as they had adopted a baby girl. He returned late Tuesday and was not put in the line-up. On Wednesday he flipped telling the media that the team was a disgrace and there was a terrible atmosphere and if they weren’t going to play him he should have just stayed home and how he wants to be traded and a pile of whiney shit. His biggest gripe, though? That no one from the Blue Jays front office called to congratulate him on adopting a baby. Does it deserve congratulations? Probably. I’m not sure what the rules are on that – but I mean come on. To call the team a disgrace if it doesn’t happen seems like a little bit of an over-reaction to me.

That is all. Continue with your otherwise pleasant day.

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