Nothing Else To Do

Last Updated on: 24th May 2022, 08:51 am

Well got nothing else to do – so here’s randomness.

That awful new Paris Hilton song is stuck in my head. If you haven’t heard it, don’t. Just believe me it’s awful. Man I like some gay shit lately.

My 8 year old cousin won second prize at the Harcourt Park Olympics at my cottage in swimming. She kicks ass.

The Jays are done. They went in the tank for over a week and ended playoff hopes. How sure am I? I’ve never been lucky enough to go to a Jays playoff game live – and I’ve always wanted to but they haven’t made it in 13 years. If they do this – I promise not to go watch which will kill me. That’s how sure I am.

Opie and Anthony are hilarious. I have XM Satellite Radio and a new perk is that you can listen online which is great for me at work. If you have the means, either on XM (channel 202) or if they’re sindicated on one of your local stations – listen. It’s great.

ECW comes to Canadian TV this week. Friday night – Midnight. Global. Good main event for the debut with Kurt Angle v Sabu. Watch.

3 and a half work weeks left until it’s move in day to the new place and then back to school. You can not believe how I’m counting the days.

Steve blew me off for the long weekend and then did nothing. I hope some sort of angry sharp toothed animal does something to some sensitive part of his anatomy in the fairly near future.

Well that only helped me kil like 5 minutes – you people aren’t good for anything.

Aw that was mean – it’s not your fault. Except Steve whom I hope …. well read above.

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