Sex With Old People

Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 02:00 pm

Well not really. But it got your attention.

Am I the only person tired of hearing and old hag tell young people who to get off? Anyone in Canada knows what I’m talking about. That fucked up Sex with Sue Johanson show that’s on all the time. It’s not even just the show anymore – she tours and does speechs and Q&A’s at college and university’s and stuff. It’s just disturbing to see someone that old talk about this kinda stuff.

Besides – how can someone that old still know what’s relevant in sex today? Last week I happened to be flipping by and caught her giving advice on giving head. But I mean is the advice “slowly get down on your knees, favour your bad hip and encourage him to play with your one remaining breast” really relevant to people watching? I mean telling young people “just remove your teeth to give a real smooth blowjob” just isn’t helpful.

And no one really wants to hear about how President Taft’s mustache used to tickle your thighs back in the day. But I suppose the advice of no matter how in to it you get, don’t give away the allies strategy as they storm the beaches of Normandy is useful. I mean you never know when you’re shipping out.

And who can’t use some advice on sex talk? “to get her really riled up, be sure and whisper something dirty in her ear like ’23 skadoo'”.

Time to get this antique off the air, though.

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