Crosses are What Now?

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 05:08 pm

Matt’s post the other day talking about the poster showing a cross o corpses got the wheels turning. I agree that that poster would be a horrible thing to hang in the living-room, but then I got thinking about the cross itself, and I can’t figure out how people can look at it and think good, happy thoughts.

Think about it. Sure it’s a symbol of religion. But it’s also a symbol of death! They nailed a dude to it, broke his legs and waited for him to die! But people have no problem wearing cross necklaces and decorating their houses with cross-related things. To me, that seems wrong. That would be like the guillotine being a symbol of freedom in France because of its role in the French revolution, and people having replicas of it in their houses and yards. Or, wouldn’t it be considered morbid if relatives of people who died in a plane crash wore pendants of mangled planes around their necks to mark the sacrifice their relatives made? Isn’t that just a tad sick? So how is that any different than having crosses on display? Maybe it’s just hard for me to get my head around since I’m not religious, but the whole thing seems a little twisted.

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