On The Bright Side, He Probably Blew A Few Of His Own Moles Away, Too

I think someone may have seen all those stories in the news about massive property damage caused by people trying to get rid of pests and said “hold my beer.” Then he politely asked if you would walk to the fridge and get him another one, because he’s not going to be walking anywhere for a while.

A Czech man’s overzealous attempts to rid his garden of a mole problem ended up with him nearly blowing his legs off.
The 45-year-old took the ill-advised decision to use the kind of explosives contained in powerful fireworks to blast the tiny animals to oblivion.
He packed the F4-type “Dum Bum” explosives inside the mole tunnel, covered them with concrete tiles and, for unknown reasons, then decided to stand on top.
The usual minimum distance for fireworks that contain this type of material is 75 feet. 
When he detonated the explosives, the ensuing blast was evidently far greater than anything he had anticipated.
Police who were sent to the scene found a 3ft-deep crater in the ground, the sort of hole that would normally be left “after the destruction of ammunition or a mine explosion,” they said in a statement.
Blood was splattered around the detonation site, they said. Some of the concrete tiles had been blown more than 60ft by the force of the blast.

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