Say Hello to an Angry Customer!

Last Updated on: 3rd July 2013, 05:39 pm

God! Damn! It! Do they not think I know that fucking rogers fucking home fucking phone exists? Do they not plaster my TV with that spoiled little brat who has to talk to three people at once, that father who spoils that spoiled brat rotten, that grandma who sounds like a man, and whoever else they can dream up and then make you want to kill them as much as the Canadian Tire family? Oh that is not enough for Rogers executives. Now, they have decided that phoning me twice a day to tell me about Rogers Home Phone is absolutely positively necessary. And, they have decided to *fill* my mailbox with their junkmail. My junk mail over the past week has consisted of pizza fliars, Rogers Home Phone ads, municipal election material, Rogers Home Phone ads, random environmental literature, which cracks me up, and, Rogers Home Phone ads!

But this, in fact, is not enough for these fuckers. Now, they have employed, or otherwise commissioned, a dude to walk around our building slipping more Rogers Home Phone ads through our door. But our special friend here cannot grasp the concept that there is a mail slot in the door, so he slipped the ads through the crack in the door closest to the doorknob. Gaaaaaaa! Enough!

Rogers! You can stop this barrage immediately! Is it not enough that I already have cable, internet, and wireless services with you price-gouging, monopolizing, rate-raising sacks of shit? Do you honestly think I’m going to have phone service with you guys too? If there were better options, and the startup fees didn’t suck, I’d switch everything I had away from you assholes just to teach you a goddamn lesson!

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