Comments Are Working Again

Last Updated on: 22nd January 2015, 09:23 am

Whatever issues the commenting system was having seem to be all cleared up now, so feel free to use it again. But if you’d rather email, that’s fine too. Sometimes email is better anyway, especially if you’ve got something that you really don’t want us to miss, like an update to something we’ve written about, things you think we might like to check out and possibly put up here, or even poorly typed hatemail that will probably end up on the main page with some added mentions of your impaired mental abilities.

So to sum up, comments are great, but if you want to yell at a specific person, you can find the correct address at the end of each post. Or if you’d rather yell at all of us at once to save time, just click on our names, which you can find near the top of each page.

Have a great day, and always remember that humans really aren’t all that different from any other animal on the planet. The only thing that really separates us from them is that we have recipes and they don’t.

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