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So a few posts ago I mentioned that all the sports fans were gone to which Steve commented that you have to write about sports to get them to come back via search or whatever. Since this isn’t the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, I figure I’ll try. I mean you gotta get search hits somehow and since we have no pictures of “RANDY ORTON’S PENIS” or “MATT STAJAN NUDE WITH GIRLFRIEND”, we’ll try it this way.

Hmm. I may have just accidentally attracted the wrong crowd again. Anyway….

Last night was one hell of a hockey game. Edmonton managed to somehow keep the series alive. I’ll say this, though. If you’re Pisani for Edmonton, you’re shorthanded, it’s overtime and you’re one loss from elimination – you need to have a serious set of nuts on you to stand in at the other team’s blue line and hope you can pick off that pass because if you miss it Carolina is going 5 on 3 in to your end with your season on the line and you go from being the hero to the goat. Good on him for having the balls to do it but that could have gotten ugly really quick if he misses that puck. Game 6 is Saturday at 8. Should be great. Enjoy.

Jays continue to impress winning the last 2 with the Orioles. 1 more to go. Hopefully they can take the series with a win.

CFL season starts this weekend. Light up a dube in honour of the Argos most recent signing, Ricky Williams. What’s the big deal? So they signed a guy who has more NFL drug violations than he does rushing yards. Oh. Apparently that’s frowned upon. I forgot.

Lastly. a note to everyone in my office. Shut up. Just shut up. There’s no need to laugh at everything you say yourself. Not everything is funny. Referring to the pre-hole punched paper in teh photo-copier as holey paper is only funny once, and even then it was marginal. Quit it. Do not whistle while you wait for the copier to be done, it irritates the 2 of us who sit right behind us. Do not drum on said copier while waiting for same reason. Do not assume I know exactly what the coaches in the Cup Final should do and bring up the game 3 times a day to me just because you know I like hockey and you’re bored waiting to speak to someone else who is busy. I’m still trying to work! So honestly. Just Shut Up for the rest of the day.

Have a lovely day.

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