I Said Pardon?

Last Updated on: 25th February 2014, 06:21 pm

I know we’ve talked about the ridiculousness of spam and the burning question of why anyone would buy anything from an email that only said High atrium elliptical centrifuge antithesis, click here. But sometimes I get a spam that grabs my attention and makes me laugh.

Like today for instance. As I was deleting my spam, I saw one with this subject line: “to know poop.” What? Why would I want to know poop? What could that spammer possibly be selling me, and whose attention were they trying to grab? Are proctologists the newest targets for spammers? What the hell?

Then, there was an email with the same person in the from field. Its subject line? “I almost forgot.” What? This person wanted to tell me more about poop? No thanks. I’m not interested.

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