A Severe Case of Norwalk? Or Stupidity!

Last Updated on: 24th April 2014, 07:07 pm

Ug. Morons! I throw up my hands in complete dismay and disbelief.

I found a story in the Merc that makes me want to scream. Ok. For the past 10 or so days, there has been a Norwalk-like virus going around certain sections of the hospital. So, to prevent more people from getting it, and to prevent its continued spread through the patients that are already in the, um, hospital, they have put on restrictions as to who can have visitors. This is the list of people who can have visitors.

  • immediate family members of critically ill or palliative-care patients.
  • parents of young patients.
  • partners of women about to deliver.

Sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it? Plus, any visitors are required to wash their hands, put on gloves and wear gowns when they come and visit these people. In addition to visitor restrictions, they’ve canceled any elective surgeries that were scheduled so more people don’t stay there and catch the virus. So it must be a pretty serious outbreak.

But what the hospital is seeing, along with the viral outbreak, is an outbreak of moronic behaviour. People are *sneaking* in to visit their friends or loved ones who are in the hospital who are not on the list of people who can have visitors. Because they’re sneaking in, they’re not following the whole handwashing and glove and gown protocols that have been put in place for visitors! And now nurses are having to act like bouncers and kick them out!

Why! Why! Why! Good god people are bone stupid! Here’s a list of common excuses that nurses get from these idiots:

  • They don’t feel sick.
  • maybe not yet, asshole! You may have it and don’t know it. For a while, you’re asymptomatic! And if you don’t have it, a foolproof way to get it is to expose yourself to an area which is flooded with it.

  • They don’t care if they get the virus.
  • Again, I say, not yet. You’ll care when you’re in the bed next to beloved Aunt Olga who you just had to see.

  • Their loved one is very ill and needs them there to get better.
  • Did you ever think that maybe your being there could make them get sicker?

  • They are only in town for a few days and this is their only chance to see the patient.
  • Are they dying? I guess not, since if they were, you wouldn’t have to sneak in. You can see them again when they’re *not* living in a Norwalk infestation.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! That’s all I can say! If people, en mass, can’t understand the meaning of contageous when it comes to Norwalk, I dread seeing what kind of stupidity will crawl out of the woodwork if the Bird Flue pandemic they’re predicting ever actually happens.

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