Are Thoughts Flukes for Fluckes?

Last Updated on: 30th April 2014, 08:32 am

Here are a couple of tips for the would-be user of a counterfeit cheque:

  • When you pull into Wal-Mart and you see 40 police cruisers in the parking lot, it is wise to suppose that perhaps now is not a good time to use the cheque.
  • If you decide to push on, thinking that the occupants of these cruisers might be elsewhere, think again when you find 80 uniformed officers filling the store’s aisles for a charity event.

If you don’t follow these two simple rules, you’ll end up like Calvin Fluckes JR. of Detroit who, after finding 40, that’s forty, police cruisers in the Wal-Mart parking lot, still tried to pay for merchandise with a poorly-photocopied, fake cheque for $848. Surprise surprise, he was quickly apprehended.

What! the hell! was this man thinking? I don’t know, if I was going to commit a crime, I wouldn’t do it where 80 people who could throw me in jail were right on location. At the very least, I’d decide to do it another day. If I were half-way smart, I’d think that since they’re all busy at Wal-Mart, I might have a chance with this cheque if I took it across town to the Home Depot. But that’s miles beyond the capabilities of our hero here.

I think the best part was a police officer openly calling him an idiot. Yes! He is an idiot! There is no argument!

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