30-24? Is That A First?

Last Updated on: 6th May 2022, 04:11 pm

Being the punctual guy I am, I’m just now getting around to watching UFC 83. It’s been an historic show for a number of reasons. It’s the first time UFC has come to Canada and judging by the crowd it won’t be the last. It set a new UFC attendance record so yeah, they’ll likely come back. They’d be fools not to. But who cares about a full house or huge money at the gate or even Georges St. Pierre winning the welterweight title back in his hometown. the thing I’ll likely remember most about this show is the epic and heroic performance put on by one Kalib Starnes.

I would try to describe it for the benefit of those of you who missed it, but I’m sure that in a million billion years I couldn’t possibly do it justice. if you picture a fight between a scary man who kicks really really hard and another man who appears to have taken a wrong turn and wound up in a cage rather than the indoor track he was looking for, you might start to get the idea.

Kalib Starnes, the man’s man that he is, ran away from Nate Quarry for 15 full minutes. Why he did so I have no idea. He says he hurt himself early after a kick, but considering that he was already well on his way to showing that he could give our good buddy
a run for his money come Olympic season long before a single kick was thrown by either man, I’m not buying it. If you’re hurt, there are a lot of ways to say so. For Christ’s sake you can flat out say “listen, I’m not wanting to fight anymore.” If you’re hurt and can’t keep going, stop going. Don’t back up for 3 rounds and think you’ll win just because now and then you stop to give the guy a poke or half ass try to take him down.

I think this is the first fight I’ve ever seen get a full crowd “boring” chant, not to mention the “boo” “yea” thing that happens during John Cena matches when he’s exchanging punches with somebody. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen a judge score a fight 30-24. Yes, Kalib Starnes was so ungodly awesome here that he lost 3 rounds 10-8. Well, everybody’s gotta be remembered for something, I suppose.

I don’t know if we’ll ever truly find out what his problem was that night, but his problem now is being out of a job. Yes, he was fired. You’re stunned, I can tell. Hopefully he does well in his next line of work. I figure that as long as he remembers that the big loud cars are on the opposite side of the drive through window from him and doesn’t get scared and run away from those mean nasty french fries, he should be ok.

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