Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 6

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:20 am

Man I was tired this morning. Autumn and I had a role reversal. I was groggy and she was awake when my alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. I stayed up until 11 which probably wasn’t smart, but I had a lot of email to respond to after I sent the mass email that said “I have my dog” to all the people who don’t get all the details of my trials and tribulations.

Man, having a dog makes you do things in a whole new rhythm. When you feed the puppy, you have to pick up the rug, so if you can, pick up the rug *before* you put the dog on tiedown. Otherwise, you have to wrestle the rug out from under your puppy. If you sit down somewhere amid the puppies, you have to find a spot for both you and your dog. I know this sounds elementary, but it’s not automatic. Everything from using a bathroom stall to getting on a bus becomes a bit of an art, and when you get tired, your artwork gets sloppy.

So today, we do obedience with food distractions. Oh good lord. Then a lecture on PR, a route, lunch which is salmon and couscous because it sounds better than the salad, then a lecture on playing with our woofers, and then we get our first woofer toys! Heehee! Then it’s another route, then it’s feed, water, relieve, or something to that effect, then we eat dinner which is…what is dinner? I can’t remember! Oh yeah it’s like Christmas dinner! Yea! Then we learn how to groom. The grooming begins. And Autumn thought I was high when I said the list of chores would get longer. Har har I think I should know. I should go for breakfast. It’s getting close to the wire.

So I wrote this whole thing after breakfast, but it went caboom. Curse you. But the main thing is now Beauty is misbehaving, and all I can say is, hahahahahahahah! Well outwardly I’m sympathetic, but inwardly I giggle.

This morning Trixie’s poop was soft, so they’re keeping an eye on it. We had obedience, and she was very distracted. So food is going to be an issue, but what can you expect, she’s a lab!

Yesterday I forgot to mention we got bait bags. They’re little kibble bags. We must call them reward bags according to frank. Mine keeps falling off the damn strap. It won’t fall off on route, but in relieving circle, in my room, anywhere where the instructor can’t see it happen it’s more than happy to do it. It got doggy drool on it because of that.

So anyway, obedience over, relieving time, and all she’d do was pee. She’d pooped earlier, but nothing this time. So off we went to the bus.

She was much better at staying sitting. Oh no, we have a new song. The law on the bus says sit sit sit. We’re goofy.

I keep forgetting to mention that we haven’t seen Tamara for a little bit. She had some kind of family emergency with her dad and the ER. We don’t know what that means.

We went out on our morning walk and it went pretty well, but the little bum missed a curb! Just charged out into traffic! We were lucky nothing was going right in front of us. So it was back to the curb, make her sit, tap my left foot and say careful! What else happened in the morning route? Not much, she just needs a lot of encouragement.

Carmen’s cool. She keeps telling me to wear sun-screen and she’s right, I should. Add that into the schedule.

So we had lunch, which was the salmon thing. It was good. The president, Bob Philips, sat at our table. He seems cool. Oh, before lunch we relieved, and no second poop!

After lunch Laurie came over to see if we needed anything at the store. We asked to rent Rain Man, but she said we couldn’t rent it because you have to have an account at the video store and they don’t. She also told us that Matt, AKA GDB’s own continued assessment Rain man, decided that he didn’t want a guide dog after all because it took too much focus. Yea continued assessments. I think they’re awesome. Laurie said it was really stressful arranging his travel stuff.

We learned about playing with our puppy-poos. They got their bones! They all chewed on them and it was the biggest mass of sound. Chew chew chew chew. They all love their bones. We learned the thing about supervising their play, and that they need some every day. Of course the poor things do. That’s fun. We relieved again and nothing but pee from my pooch. We got on the bus and went back to the lounge. There I read an email from Steve saying it’s supposed to snow! What? It’s like 25 degrees here! Like 80 F. That’s insanity.

So I went out on my route, and it was pretty good, except she was a real sniffer, and once, when she was distracted by a small dog, she made me fall on her. Jen said “look out, the sidewalk is really narrow.” Just as she finished the word narrow, down I went on her tail and Trixie went, “YIPE!” They WERE ALL WORRIED ABOUT ME, BUT i said I was more worried about her because I fell, all of me, on her tail. But they said she’d be fine. It was the finest correction ever because now she realizes how much she matters. I also know she’ll make some noise if she gets hurt.

So after the route,we relieved, and hoo boy! Trixie opened the flood gates. Icky watery poop. So now she has to eat this WD food. WD? It sounds like that would loosen her up. So it’s WD for her for a little while.

I sat down at dinner with the usual suspects, and Frank was not in good spirits. Apparently David prank called him really late last night and freaked him out. I guess Autumn told him who phoned him, and he’s some mad. I guess he told the staff about it. David, you’re working your way out sans Maylee!

Then we learned how to groom, and my puppy likes it. She tries to lunge at the brush a bit, but not a whole bunch. She let me rub her belly-welly!

She tried to escape me as I wrote this! The little ball of fire was sitting here, waiting for her WD, and David went down the hall and she ran after him, ripping herself away from me! I ran after her so fast and grabbed her and then asked if I had her. I really didn’t wanna take Maylee instead, nothing against Maylee.

Did I mention how mad Frank was at dinner and how he was all hostile with David? I think there’s trouble brewing for David. Jill, Amy, Autumn and I all have reasons for approaching the staff and telling them about what’s up. I think they’re mad at him too because of his complete lack of interest in this.

All the dogs like Mike. It’s hillarious. They’ll do anything for him. I think he’ll be the biggest distraction.

I found that fan that Barby was talking about. It sorta does sound like there’s someone lost with a cane.

Anton’s a goof. when he peed, it looked like he peed his name. Hahahah a true male.

I think that’s about it. Should be an eventful day tomorrow.

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