Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 11

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:12 am

It’s another Wednesday. Man where is time going? I hope we start picking up poop soon, I’d like to get it down. She’s back on the regular food, at least I hope she’s supposed to be, because I gave her the regular food this morning.

I got an email saying that someone was looking for a person to teach blind clients assistive technology, so I phoned about it and got this bitchy secretary that said the person I was looking for was away. She told me to email her. I hope I didn’t just blow that opportunity. It’s hard to make a business call before 7 in the morning your time, But I did it.

Arg they still haven’t changed the schedule! I rely on that thing! All I know is I’m supposed to bring the gental leader this morning and we’re going to a residential route, and this afternoon we’re booking the outing and ordering pictures. How big is a 4X6? Is that like picture frame size or what? And what’s a 5×7? I’m terrible at sizes. Oh well I’ll ask the instructors this morning what we’re doing.

This morning was a nice route. We were in this old neighbourhood where the sidewalk was all chewed up. A dog off leash just wouldn’t leave us alone. I think he wanted to play. It took a lot of scaring from Audrey to get him to leave. I guess Audrey and Jessica are apprentices. I didn’t realize that. Oh, and Tamara came back today! Yea!

Apparently we start picking up their…presents either tomorrow or Friday. Good. Lots of time to get it down. Apparently some of us get to take our puppies for a free run in the grass paddock.

I still have to email the technology lady. Ug. I’d like to do that now, but we’re supposed to hang tight here.

This afternoon, the vet will talk to us. Yea! And we do the basic route again. I have to remember to do obedience because I forgot to do it this morning.

Man I couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch. There was either a taco salad or wings and things. The blue cheese dip made me decide to have the taco salad. Mmm. Taco salad!

Salad was good, Frank and Craig were goofy. Then we did the basic route and I even did the longer block. Did obedience on it and everything and she did fine. I was approached by some freaky guy yelling “Hey dog, wanna have a crack at my stick?” Ug! Tamara’s like is that a comfortable pace for you? I said no, I’m trying to run from that man. Then, at an intersection of all places, this guy’s like “can I pet your dog a minute?” I’m like no. Yeah, pet my dog, I.E. distract her, right before I’m supposed to cross the street. That shows intelligence.

We had the vet talk this afternoon and talked about fleas and all that stuff. That vet doesn’t sound like a vet. He sounds like a farmer or something. Oh, Craig told us there was a competition on graduation day and I thought he was full of crap, but I found out he was not. Then we got back at a more reasonable time and did all the regular jazz.

Dinner was good, this weird tortilla that you have to roll this stuff up in.

Then I went and started printing stuff for this song. Carmen’s wonderful, but oy yoy yoy. This is a song, a joke, some fun. It does not need to be polished and perfect. She won’t stop playing the piano even though Al’s going to play the guitar. I can’t get the braille printer to work, so I’m going to have to manually braille them out. Thank god it’s only 3 copies. Fall down go boom. Have to do email and braille and one print over again cause she wants it in bold.

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