Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 12

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:11 am

Man a lot is happening today. Morning is lecture, then we’re going to town and we’re having…half of us get to have traffic checks and the other half work to a store. Then I assume more of us get to free run our dogs. Then it’s lunch, picture day, then we get a bus to the lounge route I think. Then it’s the dinner stuff and at some point we need to decide where we’re going and who is going. I also have to braille out those words at some point. Another week almost over. Food sounds good to me this morning. Some kind of cool muffins, cheeseburgers and fries, and for dinner, pepper steak. Mmm. I’m such a weirdo, writing about food.

Apparently I talked in my sleep last night. Autumn asked me this morning if I was on my phone. Um, nope. I lay down pretty early, Shortly after 9, and I wasn’t talking to anyone. Wonder what I said. She doesn’t know, but she said it sounded pretty coherent. Um, yikes. Well almost time to scarf a yummy breakfast.

Breakfast was good. We had our morning route where a car driven by someone we have affectionately nicknamed Paulo the Stalker chased us and showed us what it’s like when cars cut us off, come at us, chase us from behind and what our dog’s response would be. Mine was a beautiful little angel. I came back and we had lunch…what was it? Oh a cheeseburger. And pecan pie for dessert. I felt like such a whale.

After lunch, I put on the pants I’m going to wear to the graduation and a white shirt. Oh yeah did I mention this morning we had to strip our beds? So I come back to get dressed and there’s the new pile of linen. So I get into my picture outfit and we head down to the picture. The guy who takes the pictures is hillarious. he barks and whistles at the dogs until he gets their attention. it’s beautiful. It didn’t take long with my curious little woofer. So then we got a group picture, and I found out the coolest news! We can get them on CD! That means I can email them! Yea email pictures!

So after that’s all done, we run back, get changed, relieve woofers and head to…gulp…our first independent travel. I’m thrilled to bits that we’re doing it, but it’s still stressful the first time. As soon as they said that they’d be stationed along the way but we were travelling alone, I suddenly felt the immediate need to use the john. Tough beans for me. So they sent each of us off at 3-minute intervals. Wow was that ever cool! They gave us a preset route that would take us from where they parked the buses to the lounge. Finally, the lounge wasn’t a place to wait to go out! It was a destination! What a concept! I got there, and the only thing that went wrong was one up-curb getting blown. But that’s a hell of a better ratio than it’s been, so I’m happy. When we got to that broken sidewalk, and you could hear the loud phone from the tire shop, I was ecstatic. Evidently, so was Trixie. She picked up the pace about 3-fold and went for the door with all her might. Yeah! Success! I walked in and Carmen was there and a couple others. Finally, I could use the john!

Oh, we made a new word, snop. It’s sniff and stop. So if the dog stops to sniff a bush, we joke that they snopped.

Three things she did today that were absolutely hillarious. First, she must know the meaning of “I forgot!” because when I was in the foyer and realized I had no kibble, I said, “I forgot!” and before I could heel her around, she made a complete U-turn. Trixie, are you learning English?

Second, I was trying to get her rug so I could put it back down post-feeding, and the empty dish fell almost on her head! But instead of being scared, she just sniffed, licked me and wagged her tail!

Third, I was playing with her and I lay down. She did two circles of me, must have thought I was dead, and ran away to her tiedown area. As soon as I got up, she came over wagging her tail like mad. It was cute. She actually asked if she could be put on tiedown now, she’s that exhausted. She went over there and lay down. Ok, as you wish.

Carmen is demanding a rehearsal. must go to that, but I’m not staying long, I don’t have the desire. Listen, Carmen, we don’t need to practice the song this much. Autumn’s like screw it, I don’t even want to sing it anymore. I didn’t stay long, then I went, large printed the words, got my resume, tweaked it and am going to have someone look at it. Everyone is so cheering for me. They’re so cute. My poor doggy was so tired that she didn’t even get excited when I brushed her teeth.

Craig is a strange flirt. He was talking about massages and the guy who comes around who you can pay for a massage if you want one. I made my usual comment about how it would weird me out if a stranger massaged me. He started asking me what if it was a tall, dark, handsome stranger? What if he was a tall, dark, handsome stranger who was special to you? I’m like um then he wouldn’t be a stranger would he? And then he started making random references to..well, the professional may be all booked up but if you want an amature…Eeewww. That’s disgusting.

I think that’s about it. As usual, I’m late for hitting the pilow. 9:30 is late now. Ok then.

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