Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 28

Last Updated on: 2nd April 2014, 09:09 am

Flop. Graduation over. Tired. Ok, let’s run down the day quickly because I want to go to the computers, clean off all my emails, talk to Amy and then fall down so I can get up at 3 or so so we can leave at 4:45. Yee ha. Oh I want to practice one more time getting her into the airplane seats.

I got up this morning and started laundry, woohoo. that being done, I ate breakfast. Sausage, eggs and fruit and sweet roll. Then we had the obedience competition. Damn it, Trixie and I were in the final four teams, all newb teams I might add, and we were supposed to have them stay and I accidentally said stay twice. I disqualified her. Beauty won in the end. Yea nylabones.

Then I was packing and gathering up kibble, etc.

Then, the zoo hit. We had lunch and then got all dolled up.

I met Trixie’s puppy raisers, and they are adorable. They gave me a bag full of stuff for her, and they’re going to ship me more! They are wonderful people. They’re so sad that she’s going far away. They couldn’t stop hugging me goodbye. Then they took pictures of us together with our puppy raiser. We got to talk more about her puppy habits and how she even gnawed on her nails and licked her belly as a puppy. She was completely out of her tree. How many sit corrections can we dole out in one sitting? But she eventually settled and was a good girl.

Then we had to hand the puppy back to the raiser for the big ceremony. It was raining, so we couldn’t go out on the graduation stage. We were in the dining room. So they sat us down and after some speeches about breeders and other puppies, they started calling us up. We’d get handed our puppies, say a few words, and the raiser would say a few words. One, if not both of us, would cry. Then it was all over and we got more time to chat. They couldn’t stop hugging me.

Autumn’s mom and her friend were there and decided to help me repack my suitcase. I didn’t really need the help, but whatever floats your boat, chief. She did help me find a bit of missing money which was cool, and confirm that everything was cleaned out of the closet and drawers minus the PJ’s and an outfit. It was a bit overwhelming as they ran around like working little ants packing up Autumn’s stuff, then they were in my area, and my head spun. On top of that, I had to feed, water, and relieve my puppy while this was going on. As I was picking up poop, Autumn was saying goodbye. What a crappy way to part ways, har har.

Autumn is gone, Carmen is gone, Al is gone, Meredith is gone, Frank is gone. It’s just me, Amy, Bernard, Jill and Sylvia I think, Although I haven’t heard a peep out of her. They’re going to load our bags for us and we relieve the pups at 4:30 and then be loading by 4:45. Eekers. I’m just going to go to the computers and send a couple days’ worth of stuff off, maybe bug Amy for a bit, oh and poop the pup, and maybe, just maybe, fall down for a few hours. I’ll have to set the alarm for the last time.

Trixie is tired and confused. She keeps looking over where Autumn and Beauty were, and wondering what on Earth is happening. Poor baby. The poor soul has never seen snow. I don’t know what it looks like back home, but I’ve heard it’s icky, slushy, gross. Alright Trix, have a good snooze. I’m off to the computer room and then I’m sure I’ll be snoring too.

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