Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 15

Last Updated on: 19th April 2023, 04:14 pm

It’s Sunday again. Where is this inhuman energy coming from? My laundry is already in the dryer. The top right dryer sucks and we have to let the dorm staff know. The bottom right dryer never stops drying and the top right dryer doesn’t dry worth a damn.

Well, I got my clothes, but I’m missing a sock. Hopefully I find it before I leave. I decided to skip the massage thing,Autumn went so I’ll ask her how it was. I’ll groom her instead, and then I’ll go to the computers and then eat lunch and then I’ll go to Fisherman’s Warf which I don’t really care about, but oh well. I’ll get to know Jill real well I guess since we’re the only ones going. It’ll be weird to leave without the dog. We can’t take them off campus because our training’s not done, so the instructors will take them out to relieve.

Before I left for lunch, Autumn and I took our woofers to the paddock and Trixie got to go first this time.

Tired. Fisherman’s Warf was ok, but nothing special. I didn’t really give a crap about Fisherman’s Warf and apparently the only reason we ended up there was because Bernard thought it was a place to go fishing, And he didn’t even go with us. Two nice ladies picked us up and were pretty cool I must say. One wanted to find the ice cream place and kept saying “I smell ice cream!” They kept stopping to take pictures for Jill so she’d have lots on her disposable camera. They even took a picture of the Golden Gate bridge as we drove over it. I picked up a couple things, a t-shirt for myself, and Steve, I got you a little something, although now I’m afraid you’ll be mad that I got this. That’ll have you guessing for a while.

We stopped at a chocolate store and I got a piece of chocolate, it was ok. I’m supposed to try some kind of chocolate that I can’t even hope to spell. Something that starts with a G. It sounds like Gear-a-deli Square. Yep, I’m a loser and can’t spell it. Anybody had any? Is it any good?

God it was uber crowded. When we were in the souvenir shop, we were trying to get past some people and we bumped into a guy. Immediately he started yelling, “Did you just push me? Hey, that girl just pushed me!” I thought there was going to be a brawl in the souvenir shop among the mugs and shirts. Then the lady told me he was decked out in pink, from hair to shoes. Ok, wellcome to Than Franthithco.

It was really weird to leave Trixie for that much time. She was so happy to see me that it felt like she was going to rip her tiedown out of the wall. The two ladies saw her and thought she was so cool. Then we ran out to relieve after feeding and ran like mad to a presentation from the gift shop. It was kind of annoying because some things are only available online which is dumb because some people don’t do the net thing, and they didn’t have some of the stuff that I know they are supposed to have. What the hell? But they made sure to bring all the expensive clothing.

Then we had supper and after that I learned how to put flea goop on her back. Not too hard. I was expecting it to be messier. I just have to remember not to groom her for at least 24 hours.

I found my sock! Yea, lost is found!

Now Autumn’s being nice and reading me the freelance guide. The braille one we can’t find, but she printed out the one off the computer so that’s cool. I’m going to have to remember to start bringing money. I have to remember to pick up some stain-remover because they don’t have any here! I spilled hot chocolate on my shirt so if it didn’t come clean, I’ll need it.

People have been having rough encounters with poop. Jill accidentally knelt in some, Amy trailed Dynamo’s leash through, and Bernard gags when he picks it up. It’s really funny to hear a big black man gag. I’m so easily amused.

Think I’ll be snoring soon.

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