Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 18

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:56 am

That was an interesting evening. It wasn’t the guy from 9/11 there, so I didn’t go. Jen helped me with my gift shop order form and I got to tell her what I thought of this whole gift shop setup and how mad I was that the lady asked me what the person would look like. Hello? Blind! So then I asked to talk to Jen about the gift shop and how to get there to drop off the form. She took me into the library to look at the map. Now, keep in mind that this map is tall and I am not, so to see the whole thing I had to stand on a chair and this map is on the wall, so to the casual observer, it looks like I’m molesting the wall. Then Jen helped us find the braille freelance guide. It wasn’t in the library, it was in the Day room. So I swiped it and took it to Carmen and Sylvia’s room and Carmen, Sylvia, Jill, Amy and I sat down to read it because neither Carmen nor Sylvia nor Jill were braille readers and they weren’t computer literate. I still have it and I’m going to read more to them on the bus as we drive to San Francisco this morning. Yep, we’re going to Chestnut Street and taking city buses. Then this afternoon we do freelancing and somehow bus 2 which is my bus gets vet consultation. Oh, speaking of vet consultations, I found a mark on Trixie’s nose and asked about it and Jen went click click click and found the mark in her medical file and said it was some kind of pimple and it’s resolved. I asked about the lip-chewing and she said no worries, it’s all good, that’s just the way her lip rests. So anyway after the afternoon of chaos, we get to have *another* route, a night route. Eekers. We’re going to be exhausted. And I realized that with all the chaos that happened yesterday, I left my flash-reader and card in the lounge. Oh, Autumn and I talked things out and I think things are good now, I said I sure didn’t mean to say that she didn’t need to be here. I think we’re good now. We’ll see.

Oh yeah, Autumn made up a new word, anpissitate. One day she tried to say anticipate and that came out, so we started joking that anpissitating was when the dogs thought it was time to relieve. Snopping and anpissitating. Alrighty then.

I guess Dynamo’s not doing as well as we thought. He’s still having a hard time. And I get the sense that some people are having trouble or reservations about reporting how they’re feeling because they’re afraid they’ll get kicked out. That’s apparently why Meredeth walked back to the bus, because she was afraid they’d kick her out. I feel ill that people actually feel this way. They certainly don’t make me feel this way. Ok breakfast time.

Breakfast was funny. Craig asked for hot, hot, hot, hot coffee like he always does because he doesn’t like the coffee on the table. We were teasing him and said he’d better be careful or they’d put a little extra in his food, but Frank misunderstood me and thought I said they’ll put a little electrode in and then started talking about inhibiting thoughts in the frontal lobe or something, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. Then Craig asked Nita, one of the ladies who serves food, what he should say to a philipino girl to make her all warm and happy and Nita said, “Philipinas are nice. They’ll take care of you, clean for you, cook for you, but if you’re not nice to them, they’ll kick your butt.” We all just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then we went to San Francisco and walked around Chestnut Street and she weaved and deaked me through all kinds of things, and tried to sniff a lot of stuff. I almost put the gental leader on her.

My knee really hurts today,I think I may visit the nurse…just ran after Trixie because she decided it would be a fine idea to chase down some chihuahuas. But she came to me. She’s a sweetheart.

I’m sad, but it had to happen. I went to the nurses and told them what happened and they told me I had to take the afternoon off to ice my knee. They even wanted me to reschedule the vet consultation, but I went anyway. I found out why she licks her belly. She had a couple skin infections. I got the official word that those little bumps around some of her other nipples are pseudo-nipples. She had a couple ear infections, a couple runny eye thingies going on, I think that was about it. So now I’m sitting here with my knee elevated, sad because I want to be out there, but whenever we have sudden stops and starts, I start to limp, so that’s no good. Stupid knee. This is really annoying because this was when things were getting really intense. And I was gonna go to Coldstone this afternoon god damn it! I read the whole freelance guide. Now I just have to decide what places I want to visit. God it sucks being out of commission, but they really want me to ice it. Should groom puppy.

That was a little scary. We heard that Sylvia got hoofed to the Urgent Care clinic because her blood pressure skyrocketed. We were afraid she’d get kicked out of the class, but they just gave her some blood pressure medication and that was the end of it. I know there’s fear that you’ll get hoofed, but this is just so weird. The nurse wanted me to go back for more ibuprofen but she appears to be nowhere to be found. She’s probably still with Sylvia.

Night route over. It went pretty well. Trixie-doodles did perfectly. I screwed up a little, but nothing huge. My knee was not pleased with me that I did the night route. Please stop hurting damn it! Please please please! I have to take the ice pack back to the exercise room. When will I have time to ice it tomorrow? Let’s plan this out. I wake up, shower and do all the jazz with the puppy. quarter to 7 I could ice it until 7. Then I could take it off, go to breakfast, come back and re-ice it until 8. Then screw icing until whenever we get back from San Fran. I could ice it again when I get back from afternoon goodness. I have to have it 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off. Catherine is a scary nurse. I can’t tell if she’s mad or patient half the time. She was so cross with me when I came in with the screwed up knee.

I got my flash reader back. Woopsers for leaving it there but glad I got it back. Going to bed now.

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