Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 23

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:52 am

Ug. Last week of the program. Gotta make it gotta make it gotta make it!

Breakfast this morning is egg muffins, lunch is egg salad sandwiches or manderin chicken salad…going for the salad. Supper is pork chops or some kind of tuna salad. Dessert is..mmm…cheesecake.

Today’s schedule still isn’t up yet. I know we’re going to this Union Square place, what that is is a mystery. Then we come back and I think we get our pictures. Then we do something we don’t know about in the afternoon and they’ll probably jam a lecture in at night.

Breakfast was good. Man this knee is annoying. I’ll get up and it’ll feel good, and then I’ll start to move with the dog and ouch,oo, ee!

Well that was a shitty morning. I could only cross one street and a little bit before Adam made me turn around. I went back to the bus and when we came back to school, I couldn’t even make it through the obstacle course before I was crying like a child. They made me heel her in and took me straight to the nurse’s office, and there was no nurse. In a few minutes, the nurse was at my door, taking me to Urgent Care to have it x-rayed. And then the real fun began. I phoned the 1-800 number for my travel insurance and I had to tell them *everything* that I told them when I bought the goddamn policy. So why did I tell them all this stuff for the goddamn policy? I know, I know, it’s to prevent fraud. But everything else that has fraud-prevention asks you two questions and stops. Not these assholes. They want my address, my home phone number, how long I’ll be gone for, my date of birth, a phone number where I can be reached in San Rafael, every fucking thing. Ok, my knee hurts, my leg is up on a chair, this is minor compared to the shit that most people have happen to them. Imagine having your head split open and these numbnutses are asking you every detail before they’ll cover you. Raar!

So we go over to Urgent Care and they won’t even take my travel insurance! What! the! hell!?!?!?! Will not take travel insurance? Is this allowed? They say don’t worry about it, we’ll just send you the bill and you send it to them. So I may be screwed. What the blue bloody hell?

So they look at me, decide it’s ligament and cartilage damage and give me an immobilizer to put over my knee. Great, except the bloody thing won’t stay situated and seems to mystify anyone who tries to put it on. It won’t stay on the spot! What good is that? I’m alone here because everyone’s out on their walks, Helen’s gone and I’m going to have to deal with Catherine who can be nice one minute and eat you the next. Great. I can only take this thing off my leg for showers. So I have to see the nurse after each shower. One more thing to remember. Must feed the dog medicine twice a day, must see the nurse after showers, this sucks. God I just want to make it through the last few days of training. If I didn’t have that damn thing happen last Tuesday, and if I’d only gone to the nurse immediately, oh if only if only if only! Now I’m paying in spades. Anyone going to guide dog school: if you get an injury, no matter how trivial, go see the damn nurse, or you’ll end up like this!

This is horrible. We gave up on the very mobile immobilizer after taping it to my shorts. The key problem with this was the shorts got taped inside, which made it very hard to visit the lady’s room. Consequently, I peed all over my shorts because I couldn’t get them out of the way. Say goodbye to my dignity. So I went back to the nurse and she said we’ll get something that won’t give me much support but some is better than none, right…? Not if that brace was any indication. I wanna cry and cry and cry.

I did have something funny happen though. I was trying to get her water, and realized that I couldn’t bend to fill her water bowl under the little water tap down at her level. So I picked it up and filled it at the regular tap level. Then I realized that I was going to spill it as I put it back down so I put it down and tried kicking it under the doggy tap and just filling it to an acceptable spot. Eventually I had to let Autumn do it. It was pretty amusing to watch.

So tomorrow morning we’re going to get an ace bandage and a less supportive brace, but hopefully it’ll do the trick. I cried for about an hour tonight. I don’t want to miss all the fun and the fine-tuning. I don’t know how the final test that they claim is not a test is going to go if I can’t walk a block and a half. Christ, why do I end up cheated all the time? If I’m lucky, this will heal in a couple days, but I doubt it. I only have 5 more days and then I leave here. Damn it I hate this. Ok I’m going to bed. Maybe Lewis Black will make me laugh. I need to have something make me do something other than cry.

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