Little Girl, Big Trouble

Well, it appears some other people think the same way I do about Ashley’s story.

Taken from the Guelph Mercury.

Hospital admits breaking law in sterilizing girl

SEATTLE (May 10, 2007)

A hospital has acknowledged breaking state law when doctors performed a hysterectomy on a severely developmentally disabled girl whose growth was medically stunted to make caring for her easier for her parents.

Sterilization surgeries must not be performed on children without a court order, Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center acknowledged Tuesday after an investigation by the state Protection and Advocacy System.

The hospital also agreed to appoint “someone with a disability rights perspective” to its ethics committee.

The girl, identified only as Ashley, underwent surgery in 2004, when she was six, to remove her uterus and breast tissue, and she was given growth-stunting hormones. The hospital’s ethics committee supported the treatment but noted that court review would be required. A lawyer for the girl’s parents disagreed, saying the state law did not apply in Ashley’s case, and the hospital performed the procedures without court permission.

All I can say is, good!

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