Home Depot: You Can Steal It, We Can Watch.

Last Updated on: 17th December 2014, 03:34 pm

I always thought that if you were caught stealing in a store, security guards and employees would chase you down, or you would start beeping and a voice would start saying that apparently the nice person at the counter failed to remove the tag from your stuff that you must have bought, you law-abiding citizen you. Either way, you weren’t supposed to make it far before you were caught and the store got their stuff back.

But apparently, at Home Depot, there’s a policy that says employees are not allowed to chase you down, or even call the police if you shoplift there. Huh? I gotta remember that’s the place to go for some free building supplies.

Not only are they not supposed to chase you down, if someone does decide to call the police or help them catch you, they may get fired.

Is this some kind of evil parallel universe? What the hell? Is this to prevent criminals from suing the store for being roughed up while trying to steal stuff? But why can’t they even call police? Apparently, they’re supposed to ask the shoplifter for a receipt and then tell them to have a good day!

Have we lost our minds? Someone explain to me how this makes sense.

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