Jehova’s stalkers

Last Updated on: 2nd August 2021, 12:37 pm

I got something in the mail yesterday that frightened me. It was a piece of mail from some Jehova’s Witnesses, or Jehova’s Witlesses as Steve called them. But I didn’t even have to open it to be frightened by it. You could tell it was not professionally put together. Someone was doing this from their home. Even scarier, it was addressed to us, as our names appear on the buzzer downstairs.

Think about that for a while. That means that someone had to stand down there, write down everybody’s apartment number and names as they appeared on the buzzers, and then go out and carefully hand-mail all the junk-mail they wanted to send us. Doesn’t that seem like a scary amount of effort? Why do they want to convert the people in this building so badly? And why not use that energy for something, ya know, productive?

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