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Ok, why in the blue bloody christ is Peter Whitmore getting offered a plea deal? Why why why why why? Somebody tell me why! Please? Now!

Ok, now that I’ve got the incoherent brain-rattling rage down on paper, let me try and write like a rational human being. He kidnapped a kid from Manitoba, sexually assaulted him, caused another local kid to go missing, did who knows what to him, and before that, he had been convicted of sexually assaulting children. These convictions go back years! How many? Try going back 14 years, to 1993! He’s been busted, released, promptly re-busted, released, lather, rinse, repeat! Wanna see details of why this man should rot in jail forever? Read this timeline. If that’s not a dangerous offender, by christ I don’t know what is.

Dear old director of prosecution Murray Brown says he’s doing it for the good of these kids. I get that it’s hard to go on the stand about this, and defense lawyers can be assholes, but how is it benefitting greater society to give him a plea deal that is a life sentence allowing him to apply for parole in a measley 7 years? He’s already been jailed for 5 and that didn’t deter him. What’s another 2? I know it’s only the possibility of parole, but it’s still there! If you’re a dangerous offender, it’s a hell of a lot harder to get out.

The part that really burns me up is when Brown says he’s doing this plea deal thing to spare the kids from testifying. Then he says it would also short circuit a lengthy dangerous offender hearing. Uh-huh. That’s the real reason, isn’t it, Mr. Brown? Maybe the reason this bugs me so much is often times, when my dad wanted to do something, if he didn’t get his own way, he’d then say he was doing it for the sake of us kids. I know it’s a comparison to something much more trivial, but that kind of bullshit always bugged the hell out of me.

I’m finding myself without an ending for this post, except to say that if the families were promised that he would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and this is the fullest extent of the law, we have a sad justice system. But is this news to anyone? How much do you want to bet that when he is next paroled, he molests another kid? He’s only 36. He won’t be that old when he gets out.

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