This Is My House Damn It!

Last Updated on: 20th February 2014, 09:12 am

Let’s hope this never happens to me. I’m always afraid I’ll open the wrong door in the apartment building and piss someone off, just like this blind intoxicated Harris County man did. The story is too funny on its own, so I’ll just quote it and laugh.

HOUSTON, July 24 (UPI) — A blind man who drunkenly stumbled into the wrong Harris County, Texas, home was injured when the homeowner fired at him with a shotgun.

The blind man, who lives nearby the scene of the incident, had mistaken the home for his own and argued with the homeowner about whose house they were in, the Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday.

“It was not his residence,” said Lt. Michael Young of the Harris County Precinct 4 constable’s office. “The homeowner requested that this person leave and the interloper refused, insisting it was his house.”

The homeowner fired off a round of birdshot when the intoxicated man approached him, grazing his face and head.

The man, whose family said he had been involved in similar incidents in the past, was taken to a local hospital to treat his injuries, which were described as minor.

No charges are expected to result from the incident.

I love the term interloper, and the fact that this man has done this before. Has he gone into the same house by mistake before and the dude’s patience had gotten thin? Has he been shot before? Maybe he should take better notes on where he, er, lives so he doesn’t have to have doctors pick birdshot out of his cranium. Maybe he’ll have a better memory now of where home is.

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