No! I! Don’t! Speak! Spanish!

Last Updated on: 29th November 2016, 03:22 pm

The images this story gives me make me laugh. Imagine a man going to Home Depot and standing at one of those self-checkout scanner thingies. The items he’s buying? A pry bar and a hacksaw. He’s waiting in line. When he finally gets to the scanner, he accidentally hits the button for Spanish on the machine and this is too much for him. He doesn’t ask for help. He doesn’t try to turn it back to English. Oh no. He unleashes an assault on the offending machine. With what, you ask? Why, with the pry bar he’s trying to buy, of course. After shattering the computer, he runs away to the railroad tracks, leaving his purchases behind. Police haven’t found him yet, and the Home Depot is crying at the $10000 damage he’s caused to their poor machine.

Like the story says, thank god he wasn’t buying a blowtorch. I say thank god he didn’t decide to go to a human cashier!

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