Last Updated on: 3rd July 2018, 02:10 pm

Um, wow. My mouth is hanging open. I really think that the Ministry of Reshelving needs to ramp up its efforts, because the novel 1984 is looking less and less like fiction. Here’s some creepy stuff for you. British police were spying on George Orwell because they thought he was a communist! They did this for years! Did he know this? Is that why he wrote the book? Reading the stuff out of these reports that have now been released makes me feel like I am back in that book. Here’s a nice excerpt for you.

“[He] and Blair are on friendly terms and the latter is known to spend a good deal of time at the shop. He has on occasion conducted the business. Westrope is known to hold socialist views and considers himself an ‘intellectual’.”

For those wondering who the hell Blair is, that is Orwell’s real last name.

Anyone have flashbacks of Mr. Charrington? I know he ends up being a spy, but the whole thing with the shop where he used to visit, and the way Charrington would share poems and history with him, I’m starting to wonder if Orwell rented his attic, and…

Now, Barbie, you really need to read 1984! Yes, I’m evil.

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