Here Comes Trixie’s Brain Again

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2013, 11:23 am

Trixie speaks
Man, this new place I moved to a few months ago has weird weather. It’s certainly not California. One day, it’s cold and windy, and just when I’ve gotten used to that kind of weather, it goes back to hot and sticky! Can I please have some California weather? And whenever it chills off, the humans start wondering how I’ll handle something they call snow. I have never heard of such a thing. What is snow? Super cold weather? Then I hear some other talk about how they’re going to buy me boots for my feet for going through this snow. Come on. I can handle hot pavement. Why would I wuss out in the snow?

Gees! These last few days have been weird! A few days ago, Carin got up and started doing a bunch of stuff. She and Steve cleaned the house, did some laundry, and then she dug out this chain. The last time I saw one of those, we went on a trip and that’s how she put the tie-down by a couch in the other house where we stayed. Anyway, she tied the chain to the spare bed! Am I moving in there? Then we had to go to the grocery store. But she kept saying we had to be sure to be back by 5 or so. Why? We’ve been late for my food before. What was so special about today?

We got back, she fed me and stuff, and then she tied me down and grabbed that white stick, that cane, that she hates so much, and left without me! Steve left too! I was left wondering what was going on. There was no reason to do that! In a few minutes, she came back for me, and we started walking down to where I do my business, but I had just done that! Why were we doing this? Then, I saw another dog! It had the same leash as me, the human standing with it had the same harness as me, does it do the same job as me? Is it going to replace me? Phew! Nope, it looks like it does the job I do for another human!

It was kind of neat showing another dog the ropes. I got to lead the way, showing the dog and the human where to go. If they got off course, I would stop and look back and then Carin would say something and they would come back to being right behind us!

Then Carin did more weird things. I had to stay on my leash for a while. The other dog did too. We were so eager to meet that we kept getting our leashes tangled. For a while, I thought we were going to switch humans!

Then, finally, they let us loose! We chased each other around the apartment for what seemed like forever. Man, that dog is big compared to me. She would jump on my back and go up and down, up and down, up and down. What is that? Is she a lesbian? I don’t swing that way. Luckily, Carin would usually come over and separate us when that was going on. She’d also tell me to get her. Is she out of her mind? That dog is way bigger than me!

When she wasn’t pinning me down, she was a lot of fun. I sure liked running after her. But they never let us play too long. They’d tell us to settle down. These humans are such drags.

We decided to play a nasty little trick on them. The first time we walked our humans together, we were perfect little angels. They ooed and awwed about how impressed they were with us. We let them believe that we were stars. Hey, it meant more kibble, and who turns down kibble?

The next time we walked them, we had a little nose-wiggling meeting on the bus. I told the other dog, what was her name? Rosamae. That’s it. I told her that I’d show her some cool places to sniff. So, when she saw me sniffing, that was the place she was supposed to sniff. Oh, we had such fun…until we both got a few corrections. Ok ok ok we’ll work now.

I was just starting to wonder if the human and Rosamae were going to move in with us. I thought that was cool, if for no other reason, there was more dogfood for me to try and get. Every time the other human would feed Rosamae, I would eye up her food. I figured if she stayed long enough, I would get some of it. I’d be good, and just when Carin wasn’t expecting it, wammo!

Then, as quickly as they had come, they disappeared! I was convinced Rosamae was going to come out of somewhere and surprise me. I can still smell her on the balcony and in some places on the carpet. But she seems to be gone for good. I wonder if she’ll ever be back. Well, if she’s coming back, I’m getting ready. I’ll start with practicing pinning down the tug toy. Somehow, that seems much easier than trying to do that to her, but I guess I have to start somewhere.

I’m really starting to love my human. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. She says I’m doing better and better and she calls me a star. I love to watch her beam from ear to ear as we walk down the street. I wag my tail and love every minute of it. I don’t even care about the weather here. Whatever snow is, bring it on! I can handle it!

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