Ths Ttl Hs N Vwls. S T Cl?

Last Updated on: 31st December 2023, 10:12 am

No, a cat didn’t just run across my keyboard. I did that on purpose. Can you even read that? It was supposed to be This title has no vowels. Is it cool?

The Miami Downtown Development Authority, (DDA), who should be renamed DUH, decided that the new slogan for their downtown should have the o’s removed.

I have so many problems with this, it’s not funny. First, don’t get me started on lete-speak. Just don’t. The oozing fungus that is lete-speak has permeated way too much of the English language. It has no place on signs. It should barely have a place at all. People forget how to speak properly because this crap is pervading our language!

Second, how can we hope to teach our children how to read if our signs contain purposeful misspellings? Kids in Miami will be walking around thinking that downtown doesn’t need o’s.

Third, there were a couple of sentences that really burned me up. The article said “You’re not asking a 70-year-old to
move to downtown. You’re asking a 24-year-old to move to downtown.” So what does that say about 24-year-olds? To me, it says they’re stupid people glued to their cell phones. I’m not much older than 24 and that logo doesn’t appeal to me.

God, with the things I’ve been writing today, I feel so old. I feel like I’ll be soon pulling a Glen Foster and yelling “You Bastards, get the hell off my lawn!”

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