How Do You Write Up, The Sound Of Your Voice?

Last Updated on: 4th October 2013, 08:01 am

So we’re watching a Barenaked Ladies concert on TV right now. It’s been pretty good in case you were wondering, but that’s not the point.

After one of the commercial breaks, a message came on the screen that said “closed captioning for this program has been brought to you by…”. It got us both to thinking, so we thought we’d put the question to you, our all knowing public. Why are they closed captioning a concert, and what deaf person is watching it? Isn’t that kind of like us blind folk watching something on mute? I get that deaf people can watch and enjoy TV, but why would they take the time to watch a concert, where even though they can read the words, they still don’t have any idea why they’re so cool? Couldn’t you accomplish the same thing by looking up the lyrics on Google?

Sorry if we sound like assholes, but we’re both really curious. It’s one of those
braille on a bank machine
type things, one of those things that just makes no sense at all.

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